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The story of a Boy who lives in a caravan park with his Mother, and a Monster who lives in a nearby woods.

Best Performance at the Fantasy/Sci-Film Film Festival
Award of Excellence at the LA Global Shorts Film Festival
Nominated for Best Music in a Short Film at the Kinsale Film Festival
Nominated for Best Short Film at the Norwich Film Festival
Official Selection at the Lone Star Film Festival
Official Selection at the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival
Official Selection at the Macabre Faire Film Festival
Official Selection at the Hollywood Shorts Film Festival

Director - Richard Paris Wilson
Producer - Ross Lindgren
Director of Photography - James Westbrook
Production Company - We Are Cowboys
Screenplay - Richard Paris Wilson
Story by - Richard Paris Wilson, Tommy Nagle & David Balfe
Co-Producer - Lewis Lindgren
Gaffer - Martin Kloud
Spark - Vincent Edwards
Second-Unit Gaffer - Dave Bird
First Assistant Camera - Yiannis Manolopoulos & Vincent Weiler
Head of Special Effects Costume - Jen Cardno
Special Effects Costome - Alan Rohner
Art Director - Christopher Pigott
Art Director Assistant - Patrick Chamberlain
Hair & Makeup - Lianna Weidle
Stylist - Lilly Sells
Catering - Lynn Lindgren
VFX Supervisor - Andor Zahonyi
Digital Compositor - Gergely Kanyog
Additional SFX - Tommy Nagle & Richard Paris Wilson
Editor - Richard Paris Wilson
First AD - Henri Calderon
Second AD - Jack Hobbs
Camera Trainee - Ollie Paxton & Sam Marino
Production Assistant - Louise Kershaw, Richard Moore & Nathan Wyatt
Colourist - Jonny Tully @ Smoke & Mirrors
Foley Artist, Sound Design & Additional Sound Recordist - Marcus Alexander
Sound Recordist - Ioannis Pavilidis
Child Chaperone - Darren King
Production Drives - Lynda Asby & Terry Wilson
Special Thanks - Judith Hobbs & Claire Gugdin
Dog Handler - Ursula Pegg
Original Music By - Lewis Lindgren

The Boy - Jayden King
The Mother - Natalie Biggs
The Monster - Chris Fleming
Bearded Man - John McKenzie
Creepy Man - Joseph Simpson Bushnell
Creepy Man's Son - Nathan Wyatt
The Monster's voice - Marcus Alexander
TV Audio 'Soap Stars - Ross Lindgren
TV Audio 'Soap Stars - Natalie Westerman
TV Audio 'Nature Documentary Narrator - David Hale

Thank you to the Big Lottery Fund, the Citizenship Media Group & the Sutton Life Centre.

Poster by Matthew Griffin

Poster by Matthew Griffin

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