Richard Paris Wilson

Forgot long division more times than I’d care to admit. Sat next to a kid named Larry on the nursery ride home everyday until he peed his pants. Built a sandcastle aged six only for the world to destroy it, instantly losing faith in the longevity of art. Reached perfection only twice in my laconic lifetime. Read at least six books at once. Forgot long multiplication more times than long division. Full of fear. Full of hope. Chase adventure at every corner. Chase buses that don’t stop. Meow at stranger’s cats. Write at least a line of fiction a day. An old, crying man standing limp at a urinal once whispered in my ear to value love above everything. Once ran so fast I’m sure I flew. Like having dreams. Love having nightmares. Take photographs of everything. Driven. Can’t resist juggling fresh fruit in supermarkets. Can’t dance to save my life

I direct music videos, commercials, corporate videos and documentaries, and often produce, shoot and edit. I occasionally work as a freelance travel photographer, and am the co-founder of production company ‘we are cowboys’.

For music videos I'm represented by the FreeAgent

I founded the production company Healthy FilmsWe Are Cowboys