Now I will never forget....

This was a nice surprise.

WorldFest, which is hosted in Houston, just bestowed us with their Remi award for Best Music video of the year. I now have the most awesome 14 inch gold statue to adorn my window sill. 

We blew our budget making the video out in Iceland, so we haven't been able to send the promo off to festivals, let alone fly over to be part of them. But somehow our little video found its way entered into WorldFest, and as a result we have this incredible award.

Thanks so much to the Chairman of Worldfest, Hunter Todd, for shipping the statue out to the UK, along with a tote bag and t-shirt. A lovely keepsake for a special project. 

And of course I share this award with everybody who helped make the video (Rumble, Steph, Rob and the whole Icelandic crew). 'Share' merely in the metaphorical sense of course, because I'm going to keep it. :)