Written, Directed & Produced by Richard Paris Wilson & Tommy Nagle (as We Are Cowboys)
Director of Photography - James Westbrook
Art Department Assistant - Jelena Pecanac
Production Design - Katie MacGregor & Tommy Nagle
Editor - We Are Cowboys
VFX - We Are Cowboys
Colourist - We Are Cowboys
Composer - Paul O’Brien
Sound Designer - Marcus Alexander
Special FX Makeup - Libby Nye, Claire Pompili
Special Thanks - Lucy Breakwell, Ed Gray, Tiffany Symonds, Jonny Tully

The Human - Thom Cross
Security Guards - Riccardo Servini
The Girl - Jen Painter
The Human Body Double - Tommy Nagle

This film was originally created for a music video competition on Genero, before becoming the official video for Livingston's 'Human'.

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